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Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Personal Safety Waist Belt - Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Accessory. 

The Story

Treadmills are the most popular workout equipment machine in the U.S. and to be considered number one exercise piece of equipment purchased by consumers all over the world. Treadmills can be found in homes, hotels, health rehab centers, and of course fitness clubs.  

Treadmill Problems 

Unfortunately, treadmills caused the most injuries among all types of exercise equipment. Statistics show the injuries happen to people of all ages, at home and in fitness clubs. The injuries can even be fatal.

Treadmills continue to be one of the major causes of liability claims in the health club industry.

We've all done clumsy things, lost concentration, got dizzy or nauseated while we were working out and went flying off the back of the treadmill at all across fitness clubs, at homes, or where treadmills found.  Most treadmill users do not clip the emergency auto-stop button to their bodies which could potentially lead to serious injuries if the user trips and falls off the treadmill.  It takes only a second to fly off the treadmill in case of tripping or slipping.

Many treadmill users hold on to the handrails; some use them for stability while others hold them tightly and rely on them completely in order to stay on the treadmill, especially when it is on a steep incline. The purpose of the incline is to simulate walking uphill which is a great workout for the calves, gluteus, and legs. The benefits of the incline are completely negated when the user holds on to the handrails. Holding on to the handrail also make the user’s body leaning slightly forwards and too close to the front of the treadmill and repeatedly bumping into the motor cover.

Research shows that holding on to the handles reduces workload, thereby reducing heart rate, calorie burn, oxygen consumption, and overall weight loss. When a user holds on to the handrails, much of the work is transferred to the upper extremities thereby removing a significant amount of workload off the legs. This reduces the cardiovascular work, even if the speed of the treadmill is increased. Therefore, the user burns fewer calories than she/he normally would.

The Solution 

In light of this, it would be desirable to provide a system to stabilize, fasten, keep and hold the users on the treadmill in case of slipping, tripping or losing control while undergoing treadmill exercise workout or stress testing that is associated with treadmills.

Connect Me Tight™  It is a small, light weight, portable, stretchable, adjustable, washable, durable, heavy duty, non-slippery, double-sided hook and loop, easy to install and remove in seconds.  This exercise personal treadmill safety belt is for use  with a treadmill especially when steep incline in use.  The belt holds the users in place.  So it secures, fastens and supports the treadmill users at the adjusted preferred distance from the console/handrail to reduce flying off injuries and without interfering, altering the desired activities, nor pulling the users forward, allowing the them to use and swing their arms to utilize the full capabilities of the treadmill during exercising or physical testing.


The use of the treadmill auto-stop emergency key/clip with Connect Me Tight - the treadmill personal safety waist belt to support, fasten, keep and hold the user at the adjusted preferred distance from the console/handrail to prevent flying off the treadmill in case of losing balance, slipping, tripping especially with steep incline in use and help the user get back in control.


• Connect Me Tight™ the treadmill safety waist belt is durable and strong and It come in three (3) sizes 80", 88", and 98" to fit mostly everyone. 

• The treadmill personal safety waist belt is easily adjustable and stretches.  This allows users of any sex and size to use the belt comfortably. Due to its flexibility, it also allows the user to position themselves safely anywhere on the belt of the treadmill!  Recommended distance is near the end of the side treadmill handrail and about in the middle of the treadmill belt as illustrated above.


• Ease of installation! It can be installed and removed in seconds.  It is a double-sided belt, so there is no-wrong way or no-wrong side installation.  It is easy so anyone can install it. 

• Increased calorie loss due to the ability to freely swing arms and add weights to the upper and lower extremities. As a result, this will improve cardiovascular fitness.  

• Improvement in body posture, especially for those who are taller due to walking straight. 

• increase the sales of exercise treadmill machines and treadmill's accessories due to increased desire to own a treadmill among families due to increased safety and using Connect Me tight™ waist belt combined with the treadmill emergency safety key.  Parents will feel comfortable allowing their children under their supervision to exercise on the treadmill.  Use with caution!

                        So Get It Right, With Connect Me Tight™!